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  • SWF Protector by DCOMSoft easily helps you protect all your SWF files from all kinds of SWF decomilers, no matter if you were using Flash or Flex technology. It uses three different unique protection methods that allow SWF files playback in Flash Player, but conceal the source code completely. It protects ActionScript 1/2 and ActionScript 3.0, so none of your files, either old or new, will stay unguarded. For ActionScript 1.0 and 2.0 use significantly revamped "Mask script" and "Mix script" methods. ActionScript 3.0 code will be efficiently encrypted with innovation method by DCOMSoft, which was not present in previous versions of the software. All in all SWF Protector was made much easier to use thanks to the automation of protection settings and interface improvements. SWF Protector supports all versions of Mac OS X. Protected SWF files will be flawlessly played in all versions of Flash Player; processing, saving and loading of SWF files is simply fantastic and spee ...
  • Tracking inventory plays a crucial role in ensuring proper inventory management and improving efficiency while reducing overall costs. Inventory Management is a term used to describe the process of a company's operational tasks to administer the inventory or stocks in all its different stages, working up from raw materials to finished products. Equally important, Inventory Management follows the delivery process up to the very end of the customer waiting list. In order to keep pace with the supply and demand of the marketplace, it is crucial to achieve an effective and complete management function. In our modern age, governed by advanced technology systems and automation, it is crucial for the enterprise to upgrade its management process by deploying highly capable software. Having the most appropriate management software is essential in ensuring success for a business, especially in terms of keeping up with an increasingly dynamic and complex supply-demand chain. MIE Inventory Software is an affo ...
  • A-AUTO, a job scheduling software, integrates batch automation across different platforms, for various applications, from information systems to mission-critical systems, providing nonstop job scheduling 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Even when the workload is at its heaviest, A-AUTO continues its secure progress management and gives stable support for efficient job management, without requiring additional staffing.
  • The IDAutomation Universal 2D Barcode Font is a single font file that is used to generate two-dimensional barcodes from Aztec, DataMatrix, PDF417 and QR-Code font encoders. Includes examples for Visual Basic, Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and Crystal Reports.
  • No Hands SEO offers never before seen automation in a backlinking tool. You literally add in your website address, some keywords and your desired anchor text and the rest is handled for you totally automatically. You will never have to fill in a captcha, never have to choose a category or spend hours setting up a profile. Just enter in your website details and walk away it is that simple to create endless backlinks with No Hands SEO. With all of this automation comes great power. Now you are able to get your website indexed within hours, generate hundreds of backlinks from blog comments and trackbacks every day and even generate backlinks to your inner pages without ever having to add them to the tool. Literally everything from the moment you enter in the three details is handled for you. No Hands SEO will even check links have been successfully posted and ping whereever your link is found so you can be sure you are getting the benefit of all of these new links to your website. Dont be fooled by its ...
  • Jitbit Macro Recorder is not only a keyboard recorder, mouse recorder and player, but also a powerful automation script editor. All recorded keystrokes and mouse activity can be saved to disk as a macro (script) for later use, bound to hotkeys, extended with custom commands or even compiled to an EXE file. This macro recording program will save you a lot of time on repetitive tasks.
  • With SolarWinds Virtualization Manager, our comprehensive virtualization management software that delivers integrated VMware capacity planning, VM sprawl control, performance monitoring, configuration management, and chargeback automation - all in one awesomely affordable product that's easy to download, deploy, and use. In fact it's so easy that you can be up and running in less than an hour!
  • Relay Timer is programmable timer software to control ProXR relay controller boards of National Control Devices.It supports 1 ProXR relay board and up to 15 extension boards with 16-channel on each. It's fit for controlling lights, motors, pumps, bells, audio, video and other applications related with home automation, science experiment, industry control, energy conservation and so on.
  • This IDAutomation integrated drag-and-drop Custom Report Item (CRI) control creates Linear and 2D barcodes in Microsoft Reporting Services, without the use of barcode fonts. Designer and Render DLLs provided are created in C#, digitally signed and time-stamped with Authenticode certificates. This package includes installers for Reporting Services SQL Server 2005 and 2008, as well as report examples.
  • SQL Data Examiner 2010 R2 is a tool for SQL compare and synchronization, supporting SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Azure, Access databases. It greatly simplifies the process of data comparison and migration. Data returned by SQL queries can be compared and data can be restored on row-level using SQL Server backup databases. The program also has a command line tool allowing automation of your daily procedures.
  • EmailParser2Database is a complete and powerful email automation solution. Parses and extracts data from received emails and performs different actions like updating a database, sending a reply message, interact with an Excel spreadsheet and much more thanks to its powerful scripting capabilities.
  • IDAutomation's DataMatrix barcode font uses IDAutomation Vertical Interleaved Technology to print high density ECC-200 Data Matrix symbols with TrueType, PCL and PostScript fonts. Includes Signed ActiveX Control with CAB file, ASP.NET Web Control, .NET Forms Control DLL and Java Library plus examples for Excel, Word, Access, Java, .NET and Crystal Reports.
  • The IDAutomation UPC/EAN Barcode Font Advantage Package is an advanced font product with tools, macros and source code that uses a single font file to create UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, EAN-14, JAN, ISBN and Bookland barcodes. The download includes examples for Crystal Reports, OpenOffice Calc, Microsoft Excel, Word and Access. Includes over 30 tools, macros and source code for easy integration into many applications.
  • 010 Editor is a professional text/hex editor designed to edit any file, drive, or process on your machine. Use our unique Binary Templates technology to understand any binary format. Features an easy-to-use interface with unlimited Undo and Redo, support for huge files plus standard Cut, Copy, and Paste commands. Includes a whole range of sophisticated editing and analysis tools. A powerful scripting engine allows automation of many tasks.
  • The IDAutomation Code 128 Barcode Fonts Package is much more than a few barcode fonts. 18 different font versions are provided for Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Unix and other operating systems in TrueType, OpenType, PostScript and PCL font formats. Over 30 font tools, macros and source code are also provided for easy integration into many different applications and introducing the easy-to-use Microsoft Excel and Word Barcode Add-in.
  • Easily print barcodes with the IDAutomation Code 39 Barcode Fonts package of fonts and tools for printing the Code 3 of 9 barcode type as a font. TrueType, PostScript, OpenType and PCL versions are provided in several sizes. Over 30 font tools, macros and source code are provided for easy integration into many different applications and including the easy-to-use Microsoft Excel and Word Barcode Add-in.
  • Easily generate linear and 2D barcodes in Microsoft Excel with this add-in. The add-in dynamically changes selected cells, rows and columns to barcodes using formulas and functions. The barcodes will dynamically change in the worksheet; when data in Excel changes, because formulas and functions are used. This product may be used royalty free with a valid license to any of IDAutomation's Barcode Fonts.
  • Easily generate linear and 2D barcodes in Microsoft Word with this add-in. Simply select text to be barcoded, click on the add-in button and it will change the selected data to a scannable barcode. Compatible with Word 2003 and above running on Microsoft Windows. This product may be used royalty free with a valid license to any of IDAutomation's Barcode Fonts.
  • PDF U Append Batch Edition software automates the process of appending multiple PDF files, PDF U Append Batch will append your many PDF documents into one PDF document at the click of one button, PDF U Append Batch also has command line options for further automation so any append can be automated from a dos command, other features include drag and drop, append page ranges, saving batch lists for later use, pre-saved batch list are fully
  • Test 000-723 exam dumps Related certifications: * IBM Certified Application Developer - WebSphere Commerce V7.0 Section 1 - Architecture and Programming Framework (13%) 1. Demonstrate knowledge of the product architecture and programming framework. 2. Explain the differences and limitations between product editions. Section 2 - Installation, Configuration and Maintenance (11%) 1. Install the WebSphere Commerce Developer. 2. Apply fixes, fix packs and feature packs. Section 3 - Development and Customization (38%) 1. Design and develop Web 2.0 store front pages. 2. Develop and customize business logic using Name Value Pair (NVP) and Business Object Document (BOD) command frameworks. Section 4 - Testing and Debugging (13%) 1. Use product supplied Unit Test mechanisms (e.g. Management Center Test Automation Framework, Storefront Test Automation Engine). 2. Use product documentation and available online resources (e.g. Information Center, IBM Redbooks, developerWorks, et ...
  • Test 000-641 exam dumps Related certifications: * IBM Certified Specialist -- Rational Test Management and Robot v2003 The Robot v2003 test is used in conjunction with the Test Management test to achieve the Test Management and Robot certificate. The two tests together test the knowledge of the candidate in regards to the basics of Rational Software's test automation tools. Rational Robot, Rational TestManager, and Rational Administrator are covered on the test. The primary content of the test includes questions about the power of using Rational Robot and Rational TestManager to build sophisticated test scripts, manage test assets, and generate reports. The questions cover the following topics: * Working with Rational Projects * Managing test assets in Rational TestManager * Using reports in Rational TestManager * Applying good scripting practices * Recording, debugging, and programming techniques in Rational Robot * Inserting verification points and wa ...
  • Test 000-132: Storage Sales V2 Related certifications: * IBM Certified Specialist - Rational ClearQuest v7.1 Section 1: Installation (15%) 1. Knowledge of enterprise database requirements. 2. Enterprise database configuration 3. Client installation. 4. Web server installation and ports. Section 2: ClearQuest Administration - Planning (20%) 1. Team Oriented Change Management Record Type Planning. 2. Team Workflow Planning, i.e. ClearQuest States and Actions 3. Traceability, i.e. Requirements to Defects 4. Planning Team Roles, and Notification (e-mail), and Security 5. ClearQuest Package Planning. Section 3: ClearQuest Administration - Implementation (25%) 1. ClearQuest (CQ) Database Concepts, and CQ Database Creation. 2. CQ Schema Concepts, CQ Schema Creation, and CQ Database Association. 3. Stated Recorded Type Creation. 4. Record Type Field Management. Section 4: ClearQuest Administration - Automation (20%) 1. Hooks: Concept and ...
  • IBM test exam 000-035 dumpms Related certifications: * IBM Certified Deployment Professional - Tivoli Asset Management for IT V7.2.1 * IBM Certified Advanced Deployment Professional - IBM Service Management Service Delivery and Process Automation V3 * IBM Certified Advanced Deployment Professional - IBM Service Management Asset Management V3 Section 1: IT Assets Section 2: Inventory Section 3: Contracts Section 4: Purchasing Section 5: Resources Section 6: Work Management Section 7: IT Asset Reconciliation Section 8: Service Requests Section 9-1: Reporting Section 9-2: Software Catalog Section 9-3: Integration More informations view: http://www.test4pass.com/000-035-exam.html easier way to success!
  • IBM test exam 000-033 dumpms Related certifications: * IBM Certified Deployment Professional - Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager V7.2 * IBM Certified Advanced Deployment Professional - IBM Service Management Service Delivery and Process Automation V3 * IBM Certified Advanced Deployment Professional - IBM Service Management Data Center Management and Transformation V3 Section 1 - Planning Section 2 - Installation Section 3 - Configuration Section 4 - Discovery Section 5 - Problem Determination Section 6 - Administration More informations view: http://www.test4pass.com/000-033-exam.html easier way to success!
  • IBM test exam 000-031 dumpms Related certifications: * IBM Certified Deployment Professional - Tivoli Service Automation Manager V7.2.1 * IBM Certified Advanced Deployment Professional - IBM Service Management Service Delivery and Process Automation V3 * IBM Certified Advanced Deployment Professional - IBM Service Management Cloud Computing Infrastructure V1 Section 1: Architecture and Planning Section 2: IBM Tivoli Service Automation Manager Management Server Configuration Section 3: Hypervisor Configuration Section 4: Product Integration Section 5: Managing Tivoli Service Automation Manage Section 6: Customization Section 7: Problem Determination More informations view: http://www.test4pass.com/000-031-exam.html easier way to success!

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