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  • Take a legendary voyage around the world on Magellan's famous galleon - the Victoria. Back in the 16th century she became the first ship to circumnavigate the globe. Watch how fearlessly the carrack glides over the waters of the boundless ocean. Feel the cool breeze playing with its sails and listen to the waves breaking over this magnificent vessel. Captivating music together with a truly colorful setting will make your trip unforgettable.
  • Mapyx Quo is a digital mapping program which enables you to connect your GPS to your PC. View information such as elevation, distance, speed, ETA and many more. Quo supports numerous formats: Google Earth KML (*.kml), GPS Exchange format (*.gpx), ESRI Shape File (*.shp), Geocaching (*.loc), various Garmin formats, various Magellan formats, OziExplorer files and many more. Includes importing your own scanned maps.
  • OkMap is a free software for many outdoor activities: - Trekking - Off road - Mountain bike - Sailing - Hunting and fishing - Finding mushrooms - Soft air - Geocaching - And many others... OkMap help you to: - Calibrate raster maps with different types of projections - Create own digital maps drawing point, multipoint, polyline and polygon - Display simultaneously raster and vectorial maps - Import vectorial data with different types of cartographic projections - Use raster and vectorial maps as background for navigation - Create and manage waypoints, routes and tracks in GPX format - Use digital terrain models to display the elevation - Upload and download data to and from a GPS device (Garmin and Magellan) - Navigate in real time with a GPS device through NMEA protocol - Display Google Earth and Google Maps in current map location - Exchange data with Google Earth and view your map in 3D - Find nearby cache in geocaching.com web site - Exchange data with gpsgate.com server - Recei ...
  • Broadcast your web cam from home or work, view from anywhere. View via WWW or mobile phone. Camera listings show only live cameras.Full password privacy protection. No requirement for a web page or FTP. Works with fixed or dynamically assigned IP addresses. Pan Tilt option available. The key advantages of the EyeSpyFX Magellan system is that it is easy to use, has a large range of features and customization options, is a complete solution working with any standard web cam and or with EyeSpyFX's own Pan Tilt unit. Software Components: Automatic detection of assigned IP address, Password protection, Dynamic listing of availability on www.eyespyfx.com, Queue for multiple visitors, Chat Box & Chat Server for text communication between viewers, Up to eight preset positions for pan and tilt, Digital zoom, Multiple skins, Doorbell function for camera viewer.

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