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Visual Album 1.3

Product information
Windows 98/Me
File Size:
870 Kb
Product page:
Description from the publisher
Smaller, faster, simpler, and cheaper than other album managers, Visual Album is powerful yet has an intuitive interface that doesn't overwhelm new users with unfamiliar choices.

Features include an integrated file list to manage file names and to move, copy, and delete files; virtual albums to track, organize, and share favorite images; favorite folders; context-sensitive help; unique pattern-based file renaming technology for automatically renaming multiple files; image rotation and resizing, and auto-save to make saving modified images easier.

Using auto-save, you can view/rotate/resize/save images without typing in a single file name, even on-the-fly during slide shows. You'll be amazed at how quickly you can view a new set of images from a digital camera, rotate selected images, choose the best ones, and delete the rest. Best of all, you control whether auto-save is enabled, how it names new files, and where it saves them.

Auto-save never overwrites images, even when configured to use the original file name. Instead, it puts the original in the recycle bin and writes a new file. This way, if you later realize you made a mistake, you can recover your original image from the recycle bin.

Working with albums is incredibly easy: add images to an album by dragging them from the file list. Change an album's layout by dragging images with JefSoft's unique AccuDrop technology. Create virtual names for images without changing underlying file names. Export images from an album to a folder of your choice using the album's virtual names instead of the original file names. Smart, configurable file naming technology creates file names that are unique and appear in a sorted list in the same order as in the album, yet still retain the virtual names you assigned. Use exported images to simplify uploading to web pages and photo sharing sites.

Simply put, Visual Album gives you lots more bang for your buck.

Supports BMP, GIF, animated GIF, JPG, and TIF files.

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