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Image Chest 1.0

Product information
Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista
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4855 Kb
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Description from the publisher
Digital image sales and proofing software for digital photographers. Secure and encrypted. Burn your clients digital images to a CD/DVD and give it to your client without worrying about copyright issues. Orders arrive from your client securely in your email inbox. When you use Image Chest to create your clients digital proof album on a CD/DVD, they will experience a familiar online shopping cart interface. You set the prices and sizes. When your client completes their order they simply email you an encoded file that contains their order detail and payment information.

1) NO LONG UPLOAD TIME TO ONLINE GALLERIES - Have you ever uploaded a large set of wedding proofs to an online gallery? It takes hours. A typical wedding may range from between 200-500 proofs. The Image Chest system uses a CD/DVD media to proof your orders; much faster than uploading. This allows you to get back to shooting or processing your images without tying up your computer!

2) NO ADDITIONAL IMAGE MANIPULATION - Haven't you already done enough to your images without having to save an additional set of lower resolution images to upload to an online gallery? Image Chest can proof your images straight out of the camera. It's unique compression utility allows you to go from camera to disk faster!

3) NO ADDITIONAL COST - Got an online gallery, but hate the monthly fees? Image Chest is a one time only purchase. No monthly fees, no commissions, no hassles.

4) NO WAITING - Give your client a CD/DVD of their proofs immediately. Research indicates that the quicker you get your client their proofs; the larger the orders are. And who doesn't like that!

5) NO TECHNICAL SKILLS REQUIRED - Image Chest is easy to use & intuitive. It includes a step by step tutorial in the help file.

6) IMPRESSIVE - Be the first photographer in your area to offer clients their images on CD/DVD!

Visit www.justwave.com for details.

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