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EzBackup 2.0

Product information
Windows 2000/XP/Vista
File Size:
10 Kb
Product page:
Description from the publisher
First, EzBACKUP will help you make an exact copy of your hard drive on the storage drive. You can use an external USB drive (such as our EzBackup/sa)* or a second internal IDE or SATA drive. This will contain your operating system and all your programs plus your data files.

Next, you'll decide which files you want EzBACKUP to backup on a regular basis and when and how often you want these backups to take place.

Then, you'll forget about it. Whether you inadvertently delete
just one or two files or lose your entire drive due to a disk crash,
you'll have everything you need to quickly replace what's been lost.
If you're in the middle of a project with no time to spare, you may be able to
simply switch to your backup drive and keep on working.

Easy point and click setup
Backup whatever, whenever and as often as you like
Instantly restore your entire system and data
Fast backup or restore at 1 minute per GB of data
New incremental backup option with dated restore points
Compatible with all external and internal drives
Windows 2000/ XP Home/ XP Professional

*Any hard drive can be converted to an external device with our EzBackup USB2.0 enclosure

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