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Marketing Crawler 1.1.0

Product information
Windows 98/Me
File Size:
24576 Kb
Product page:
Description from the publisher
Marketing Crawler is a software package your business can
pick up in no time at all.

The software automatically exports e-mail addresses and fax numbers
from the internet using search machine results.

Using e-mail- or fax marketing, you can increase the access rates on
your homepage, raise your sales turnover, and tap new markets and
target groups abroad.

- Keywords. Enter the definitions given in search machine results.
All such results from msn and live.com are selected via email addresses
and fax numbers. This offers an ideal method of reaching the right target groups and appropriate states/countries.

- Keyword-Lists. Compile a list of any number of keywords
(e.g. branch definitions), and let Marketing Crawler process them.

- Single pages / Indexes. You can have complete homepages,
portals or internet indexes searched to any depth of linkage.

- Sniffer dog mode. In this mode, Marketing
Crawler additionally follows all the links on those websites linked to other websites. ?Sniffer dog mode? can be started either from a single page or via keywords.

- E-Mail & Fax Number searches on keywords,
keyword-lists, single pages or indexes and offers
a ?sniffer dog? mode. more..

- Multi-Threading. Marketing Crawler can construct up to 999 simultaneous connections to web servers and hence produces
lightning fast analysis of data.

- ?Long run? operation. The data to be searched is initially
downloaded and evaluated in parallel. This permits a stable
and resource-efficient use of the software on your computer.

- Export of E-Mail addresses and fax-numbers in CSV format
(Excel compatible)

- Inclusive care tool, enables you to remove duplicates from e-Mail and fax lists and sort them.

- Real flexibility of settings (Linkdepth, evaluation, performance)

- Domain Filter. Define those geographical areas you want to reach.

- Red List Define terms or definitions to exclude unwanted Websites.

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