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Mac Monitoring Software

Product information
Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
File Size:
998 Kb
Product page:
Description from the publisher
Effective and Cost effective Mac Monitoring Utility downloads trail demo from www.macmonitoring.net and you can monitors all internet, USB insertion or removal activities from your Mac system which are performed by other person on your computer machine without your permission. Time saving Internet recording application captures keystrokes, clipboard activities and voice chat conversation along with accessed desktop screenshots at regular interval of time. Comprehensive computer monitoring utility provides best methodology to monitors all USB mass storage devices insertion and removal activities from your Mac machine when you not available on your system which are performed by hackers. Easy to use monitoring internet utility provides user friendly Graphical GUI interface with help menu and non technical or technical operator easily drive to monitoring tool with any training or supports. Innovative or highly technical Mac monitoring software is beneficial for all colleges, universities, institutes, investigation agencies, private or governments companies to monitors your kids, relatives, family members, friends, children or business partners internet, USB insertion or removal activities from your Mac machine in your absence. Reliable and Efficient internet tracing software provides best or safe way to records internet activities from your laptop, desktop system.
Important Features:
* Efficient Mac Internet Monitoring software program provides option to monitors PC or USB insertion activities from your Mac Machine.
* Reliable or Time saving computer recording application provides secure or safe way to capture desktop snapshots at periodically.
* Innovative or Comprehensive Monitoring utility provides simplest user friendly graphical GUI interface for all operator easily operate monitoring tool without any technical supports.
* Easy to download computer monitoring program from www.macmonitoring.net and you can records complete internet activities from Mac system.

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