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Folder Organizer 3.0

Product information
Windows XP/Vista
File Size:
1316 Kb
Product page:
Description from the publisher
Have you ever been overwhelmed by a sheer number of documents you have to work with everyday? Not knowing where you have placed a file that you need right now? Can't remember the name and location of the folder where you copied the latest reports of pictures of your loved ones? Have you ever found yourself searching for a file for 5 minutes, or even longer? Scrolling up and down in Windows Explorer, constantly opening and closing folders not being able to find what you are looking for? Don't worry! Folder Organizer is the solution you need! Folder Organizer is a small and clever productivity enhancement application. The application keeps track of your favorite and frequently used folders, most common system folders, shortcuts, links and connected drives. All these folders are quickly accessible to users just by one or two mouse clicks. Users can also specify which folders they want to store in the application or re-scan the latest used folders and refresh all shortcuts. New folders can be added inside Windows Explorer by right-clicking a folder in the context menu and by dragging and dropping folders or folder shortcuts in the application's user interface. Folder Organizer's menu is accessible from the Notification Area - the area usually in the lower right corner of the screen next to the Windows clock. By right-clicking its icon the application's main menu is opened showing all of your personal and other automatically indexed important folders ready to be opened instantly. This alleviates you of unnecessary work and lets you focus on the content of the files and not on where are the files located. These are only some of the many application's features. Practically an unlimited number of folders may be indexed and made accessible by the application. Folder Organizer works with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 seamlessly integrating in the operating systems' user interface. It has a very small footprint and uses a very small portion of system resources.

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