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esProc Advanced Advanced

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Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
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Description from the publisher
esProc is a new Big Data computing solution, which is particularly suitable for multiple data sources and complex business logic applications. With professional Big Data script offered by esProc, users do not have to realize basic algorithms and achieve higher developing efficiency, more flexible computation and better performance.

esProc has a complete computational system, supporting parallel computation and HDFS. It could play a role as a database computational middleware with higher performance but lower cost.

esProc has a complete computational system with support of multi-node parallel computation and also can be used as Big Data computation middleware to bear the computing pressure from database, HDFS or Local File and return the result to applications. esProc is excellent with complex logic computation and external storage computation, but it cannot replace Database. It also can store temporary data tables which occupy expensive database hardware resources in cheap PC and implement external storage computation, and those files will be managed in an intuitive tree-structured directory. esProc can summarize data after simple queries. It has higher performance than MapReduce, and this advantage is more obvious when fewer nodes are employed. Appointing HDFS, esProc could achieve distributed data storage and computation.

As a database computation script, esProc is particularly doing well solving complex task in database computation,esProc can be used as development tool for JAVA computation and provides professional IDE and grid-style editor, enabling more visual code indentation and work scope. Programmers can refer the previous computation results by the cell name, observe and debug every step, and obtain higher development efficiency. As computational tool on data sources of reports, esProc can retrieve data from multiple data sources within a single script, compute and output as JDBC, making it an ideal tool for complex computation or calculation
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