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WinCln .NET 4.34

Product information
Windows XP/Vista
File Size:
1408 Kb
Product page:
Description from the publisher
"Win" means for MS Windows, "Cln" is the short form of cleanup. WinCln .NET program is used to cleanup the useless files in a PC. It aims to protect your privacy by removing the sensitive data like system logs, visited website, e-mail content and more.
Clean up fast : No install is needed, no time is wasted on file searching.
Free of charge no advertising, no splash screen.
Easy to use : User friendly interface, most functions can be accessed with 2 keystrokes or 3 mouse clicks.
Easy to learn : Shortcut keys are identical with MS Windows.
Web Update utility is included that allows you to quickly find software updates.

Standard mode:
Dump files: logs for system event, setup log, etc
You can select the dump files that you like to delete.
Choose the items and confirm with the permanently erase or move to recycle bin button.
It will prompt you to switch to another mode or not when finished cleanup or no item found.
For company, beware of removing critical system logs.

Cookies Killer:
Cookies are the file(s) holding the information of visited web sites.
Cookies still exists even if expired. It favors hackers to get your information.
You can select the cookies that you like to delete.
You can manage the cookies of logged in account only.
You have to login again if deleted cookies of the site.
For company, beware of removing essential customers' data.

Offline Temp:
Dump files: internet temporary files, downloaded mail, temp, etc
You can select the offline internet temp files that you like to delete.
It can detect IE, Netscape, RealPlayer Internet Temp files.
Everything has to get again after cleared such files.
This will not affect the operation of browser.

Advance mode:
This mode is mainly responsible for the dump registry.
Most of them would take effect after re-login windows.
Click the Clean selected button to apply.

Why some dump files still there after cleanup?
Windows will protect the files that are currently using.

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