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QCall 1.0

Product information
Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista
File Size:
691 Kb
Product page:
Description from the publisher
QCall is a convenient phone calling tool. It supports making calls from your personal computer directly, so that you can spare the efforts of dialing the phone numbers on your telephone. You can move the mouse cursor to the phone numbers to dial it directly or you can press a combination hotkey to make the call without dialing the numbers at all.
Key features:
1. Making calls from PC directly, no need to dial phone numbers on your telephone.
2. Support quick calling without dialing the phone numbers. You can move your cursor to a phone number or press a hotkey to make the call directly.
3. Support making calls from Modem, Skype, QuickenCall USB Dialer (an accessory devised by QuickenCall, not mandatory).
4. Support two means of phone number capturing: mouse-over phone number capturing and mouse-selection phone number capturing. You can move the mouse cursor to the phone number or select the phone number with mouse to make the calls.
5. Support phone number capturing with hotkey. When the capturing hotkey is triggered, QCall will pull out the phone number at the cursor position and make the call.
6. You can customize the phone number capturing hotkey. Besides the traditional keyboard hotkeys, QCall also supports setting left mouse button or right mouse button as the hotkey.
7. Formalization of phone numbers. It can filter the common symbols (such as parentheses, dash, etc) to make sure the phone number can be recognized by telephone system.
8. It can recognize more than 60 kinds of phone number formats.
9. Extension of the phone number format recognition. You can customize or extend more formats by using regular expression in the configuration file (PhoneNum_Config.ini).
10. Save the calling records automatically. You can look up the historical calling phone numbers, times, dates, etc. It supports recalling a previous phone number conveniently.
11. Internationalization support. You can choose your familiar language from language list.
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