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PCGUARD360 1.0

Product information
Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
File Size:
2546 Kb
Product page:
Description from the publisher
PCGUARD360 has a robust registry cleaning mechanism, it can fix, optimize and defrag the registry, in other words it is a full fledged
registry repair tool. When the computer is being used it fetches all the programs and the related files via the registry, in other words registry
knows where are the programs and files. But slowly the files and registry values get misplaced or deleted due to malware or other computer
errors, but your computer still tries to fetch the files from the registry and runs slower because it is unable to find them. But with the help of
PCGUARD360 we can repair the broken links between files and registry so the computer takes lesser time to do the job.

Also this is done automatically on regular intervals so you don't have to worry about the cleaning and maintenance of your PC.

PCGUARD360 offers a useful function where you can see the programs consuming the computer when it starts, which programs are hampering the speed and
performance, most apps are not required to run whenever the computer restarts but they usually do. Think about 15-20 programs
starting with the computer every time as compared to what you mostly needs is around 3-4, this becomes a big performance blocker.

With help of PCGUARD360 you can choose from the list of programs, that you would lilke to run with the computer when it starts and get a big performance boost.

PCGUARD360 offers an uninstall function enabling you to see the programs currently installed on the computer. Most computers have a lot of
programs installed which are not really needed, they eat the space on the hard drives and complicate the registry. Which slows down the
computers reading and writing capabilities on the disk and increases the registry clutter.

By using the Uninstall manger function of PCGUARD360 you can remove these unused programs and give your computer a boost.

Junk ? Yes, when the computer is used it creates temporary files to store data, it gathers a lot of information about programs their uses and keeps
a log of everything. These temporary files must be cleaned to gain performance and reclaim the disk space.

PCGUARD360 will take care of all the junk from the computer automatically, so you don't have to worry about the junk anymore.

Privacy means PRIVACY. When you go online, do you see a lot of repetitive advertisements? A lot of Popups ? How do they know what you were searching last week?
What are your shopping needs, or where do you want to travel? Because most websites will leave cookies and other information on your PC to keep
track of your internet activity. Yes they can read it and they know what you search, which websites you visit and how often you visit them.

Concerned now?

With the help of PCGUARD360 we can remove all the Privacy reveler elements from your computer, so nobody knows about you or your computer, more than you.

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