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Datawasp Database Manager 2.0

Product information
Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista
File Size:
10000 Kb
Product page:
Description from the publisher
A very-easy-to-use, networked, database manager. For when a regular database is too much trouble and spreadsheet is not up to the job. All the power of a regular database but presented in the style of a spreadsheet.

Little or no training is required to create database solutions using the spread sheet style interface. Data is modelled hierarchically and the default interface simply mirrors the hierarchical structure of the database. Altering the default interface alters the database structure. Calculations and reports can also be added to the database in any way you want.

The net result is that staff can create database solutions in Datawasp as easily as they currently do in spreadsheets but without their inherent limitations.

Datawasp databases are networked so multiple users can edit the data at the same time.

Datawasp calculations are specified per column instead of per cell so calculations do not get broken accidentally.

The data design can be locked per user so that inexperienced users do not damage the design.

Datawasp databases can store files and rich text as well as normal text and numbers.

Datawasp solutions provide personal views of the data (calculations and visual interface) for each user so they can personalize the way they use the information.

Calculated values in specific rows can be locked (committed) so that changes in source data does not affect the calculated values.

Datawasp solutions can be accessed peer to peer using a normal file sharing network or via a Datawasp server.

Datawasp database manager backs up all data once a day automatically.

Everything about Datawasp is designed to balance power and flexibility with the need for simplicity. To be sure, experience will allow you to do some things you couldn't do to start with but the learning curve is a gentle one. You will be able to create powerful solutions on day one then add features as you need them.
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