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Easy Memory - The memory game 5.20

Product information
Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
File Size:
511 Kb
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Description from the publisher
Easy MEMO is not only a memory game, it's the memory game of all time! Of course, like any concentration games, you have to find pairs of identical pictures.
You can also play friends, the computer or even your youngest kids.
You can play online free memory games and enter the Hall of Fame.
You can download free add-on games sets. (more than 60 available today)
You can increase the difficulty and make groups of three or more identical cards.
You can play games with picture cards and/or sound cards.
Each Easy MEMO game set can be played in many different ways by choosing various options from the scenarios feature.
You can create your own game sets.
Download Easy MEMO and play this memory game for free. (private use only)
Kids can play with animal cards, Digimon cards, Pokemon cards or large Disney cards. Improve your memory by playing with your favourite pictures. You can play from the age of 3 to 103. Send your own game sets to us, we will then add them to the site.
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Easy MEMOry Pro
Like any memory games, you have to find pairs, but you can also:- Pair different cards, like a word and its sound...- Download free add-on (60 today)- Make groups of three or more identical cards. (Until 5)- Create your own games sets.

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