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Bookmark Jumper for MS Word 1.1

Product information
Windows 98/Me
File Size:
737 Kb
Product page:
Description from the publisher
If you work with long texts in MS Word, you need a program Bookmark Jumper.
Bookmark Jumper helps you to identify important text and provides with a quick way to navigate through long documents.
We offer you a supplemental program, Bookmark Jumper for Microsoft Word, that helps you to insert bookmarks quickly and to quickly navigate through the document jumping to the next or previous bookmark.
How can you quickly insert a bookmark if you have installed Bookmark Jumper?
While holding the CTRL + SHIFT keys, set a bookmark name! When CTRL + SHIFT keys are released, a bookmark is added! And no Bookmark dialog box is needed!
How can you quickly go to a bookmark if you have installed Bookmark Jumper? Bookmark Jumper gives you three ways to jump to a bookmark that you want:
1. Click a bookmark name in the BMJList box on the toolbar.
2. Press CTRL + Number key. For example, a CTRL + 1 key down jumps to the first bookmark, a CTRL + 2 keydown jumps to the second bookmark (etc.) and a CTRL + 0 key down jumps to the last bookmark. 3. Press CTRL + UP/DOWN arrow key to jump to the next or previous bookmark.
To delete any bookmark go to this bookmark and press CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE keys, then you will see message about deletion as hint on the text
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