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Vocabulary Tool 1.0

Product information
Windows XP/Vista
File Size:
6793 Kb
Product page:
Description from the publisher
This software has been produced to help you improve your English vocabulary. When you use this technology you save your time and energy. This is a technological tool for making easier to learn English words or memorize English words, and improving your performances to learn English. Vocabulary Tool is a standart to learn and memorize English words, and to keep them in your mind for a long time. Learning the meanings of English words is the most important part of the English education, this software can give you better performances in your education.


Graphical Interface: You study English words with a software that has graphical interface. You enjoy this interface because it is professionally designed and easy to use and understand. This feature make the Vocabulary Tool more desirable and usable than other programs.

Digital Voices: This is a technology that comes from Microsoft Corporation. You can learn how are the pronunciations of English words. Sometimes it can be hard to understand the voices there is nothing to do for this time.

Scores: You can measure your performances and try to learn some words that you don't know. So, this feature is really important if you want to improve your vocabulary.

Your Packets: You can study some packets that were produced by other people. Or you can produce your own packets. This can be considered as a part of learning application, because you want or not you will search the words, and write some menings, so this will be first step to learn words.

New Packets: You can download new packets that were produced by Vocabulary Tool Team and use them without paying money if you are a licenced user of this software from "Packets" button.

-More than One User

-Animational Agent

-Internet Packet

-Qualified Sounds

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