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CS_Activation add a license certification function to a .NET application. 1.0

Product information
Windows XP/Vista
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16844 Kb
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Description from the publisher
Is your shareware good at activation?
When you add a license certification function to a .NET application, Will be able to recover all the costs of the development.
The application developer for PC thinks that he would like to always maintain copyright. However, many applications tend to maintain copyright only in the input of a password.
A password is distributed together with the copy of application in many cases, therefore cannot obtain a price.
The developer of software wants to use the best for the improved quality of software rather than using energy for the measure against an unauthorized use as an artisan spirit.
For that purpose, the authentication system that can be easily introduced by a low price is necessary.
COSMOSOFT proposes such an authentication system aiming at more application developers using.

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