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Dungeon Master Assistant 6.0.4

Product information
Windows 98/Me
File Size:
624 Kb
Product page:
Description from the publisher
Dungeon Master Assistant (DMA for short) is a complete campaign management system designed for AD&D 3.0 and 3.5, but also compatible with many other d20-based RPGs.

The program contains many systems that will accelerate your gaming sessions freeing up your time as a DM from all the grunt work. DMA makes your sessions more fun for both you and your players.

The World Manager allows you to easily build a complete campaign universe using a simple tree-style interface. Keep track of everything from the politics of your game world's nation to who owns the tavern down the street.

The Enemy Panel gives you the power to maintain lists of your party's enemies. Organize enemy files however you want: by campaign, by dungeon, by level, or however else you see fit. You can even import enemy files as characters in a party or character files as enemies!

The Travel Panel allows you to easily keep track of your current campaign party. It has a travel log and jot notes box where you can plan your daily events for each session and save them for later reference. Also contains a complete calendar system where you can make up your own calendar...and even keep track of the weather!

The Battle Panel is the most significant time-saving device in the program. Start a battle, throw in some enemies from the Enemy panel, and your ready to go! The Battle Panel keeps track of the initiative stack (whose turn it is), automatically rolls attacks for enemies, and allows you to keep track of what effects (such as a sleep spell) are affecting what creatures. The Battle Panel alone is worth the meagre cost of the program. It WILL save you time and make your gaming sessions a LOT more fun! We speak from experience here.

Here at Tidal Software, we support what we make. If you find a bug or come up with a good idea to include in the next version of DMA, we want to hear about it. Plus, you get free updates for life when you register your copy of DMA!

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