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GalaxyDMS 1.2.1

Product information
Windows 2000/XP/Vista
File Size:
13900 Kb
Product page:
Description from the publisher
GalaxyDMS is a powerful system serving to collect, share and search for different types of documents, resulting in a company or coming from outside. Includes ability to precisely search for documents according to various criteria. Documents can be saved from disk, scanned, or come from e-mail.

GalaxyDMS allows you to manage three types of information. Depending on the type of information you can write them in special directories: documents, incoming mails, outgoing mails. This division facilitates the management of documents and accelerate the search process the information you need.

GalaxyDMS also has a built-in groupware (called a workflow), ie the possibility to define the stages of the document work for specific users, including any time necessary for its implementation.

Central storage of documents.
Intelligent, fast document capture, search, and retrieval.
Reducing the cost of storing documents.
Significant reduction in paperless. Document once entered into the system is available to authorized users at once. There is no need to copy it many times, and provide authorized persons.
Increased employee productivity.
Improve customer service responsiveness.
NInstant access to documents.
The mechanism of group work (workflow).
Low startup costs.

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