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SMARTi COLD for ECM 3.1.7

Product information
Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
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47411 Kb
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Description from the publisher
Computer Output to Laser Disk (COLD) is a software solution for managing the storage of reports, statements and invoices that originates as host-generated data. By storing information on inexpensive electronic media, COLD reduces and often eliminates the need to print reports on paper or microfilm. COLD can be used to automatically capture, index, archive and deliver high-volume print runs of anything - accounting reports, invoices, transcripts, bills, bank account statements, and so on. The COLD server operates by capturing the print stream that a host application, such as an accounting, MRP or ERP program, would send to line printer or laser printer. The COLD server has the ability to read the print stream and render an on-screen rendition of the printed document exactly as it would appear on paper. It also extracts index information from the textual content of the documents in the print stream into a database for subsequent search, retrieval, workflow, data mining and long term lifecycle management. The COLD server can capture simple ASCII print streams and merge them on preprinted business forms such as an invoice form. And it can also capture advanced print streams for IBM AFP, Xerox Metacode and Hewlett Packard PCL printers to render super high quality variable print documents on-line as PDF. COLD is one of the most cost-justifiable of all document management technologies. It saves money by reducing printing and storage costs, and increases productivity by streamlining filing and retrieval.FileMark is a pioneer and an expert in COLD technology. We have been deploying departmental COLD solutions for end users for over twenty years. Today, FileMark COLD technology can be used to extend the functionality of any ECM system. Our add-on component pricing is much more affordable than that of a standalone COLD system. You can specify exactly what type and level of component functionality you need and we will integrate our code with your ECM system.
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