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machcet 2.34

Product information
Windows 2000/XP/Vista
File Size:
5838 Kb
Product page:
Description from the publisher
MACHCET is an interactive software designed for teachers or persons wishing to teach or learn the automatisms principles and in particularly the GRAFCET language
MACHCET uses a concept based on the realization of virtual machines, while preserving the formalism specific to the automatism.
MACHCET makes it possible to approach all the steps of design of an automatism:
From design of the machine to the development of the control program in GRAFCET language .

Design of the machine:
MACHCET provides:
? an editor of virtual machine,
? a library of actuators and sensors,
? a library of pieces
So, the user can design and build his own machine .
In addition, MACHCET provides to the experienced user the possibility of building his own library of elements of machine and pieces.

Realization of the interface between the machine and the control unit of the automatism:
To simulate the real world as well as possible, MACHCET provides an interface editor that allows the user to draw connections between the elements of the machine and the control unit of the automatism.
In addition to virtual interface, MACHCET is supplied with a driver which provides to the user an interface through the LPT port of his PC.
The user can thus design his machine and simulate it in the virtual world, then, via the LPT interface, to control a real machine.
MACHCET provides in more the possibility the experienced user building his own interface and to include it into MACHCET

Development of the control program in language GRAFCET:
MACHCET provides a powerful editor to quickly generate GRAFCET program which will be used to control the machine.
MACHCET has in addition to the GRAFCET compiler, a GRAFCET structure analyzer that guarantees the respect of the GRAFCET standards.

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